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Good Memories and Nightmares

Mello/Mihael Keehl
13 December
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Mello is thin, with a graceful dancer like build, though not quite as muscular. He is 5' 7". He wears a lot of leather and will not be seen without a rosary that he wears on his neck. His hair is a light blonde and his eyes are a bluish green.

His skills can be found Here.

Mello will be arriving from episode 29 of the Anime.

He will have on him at his arrival: A rosary around his neck, his gun, and the clothes he's wearing, which includes a pair of black gloves. He will also have a detonator in his hand and be wearing a gas mask.

I do not own Death Note, nor Mello. He belongs to Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata. Alex Pettyfer also doesn't belong to me sadly. Mello is going to be played for fun, and not for profit, at killjoy_rpg